I am always interested in knowing the journey of how a person ended up where they are. Successes, failures, and everything in between. What drives this curiosity in me is the desire to not just “hear” but “understand” a person to learn from them and seek to apply lessons in my own life. Ok, I’ll spare you my philosophizing on life…but as you listen to Cary share parts of his journey think of your own and perhaps somethings you can apply.

Cary Claiborne Sr. is the CEO of the member of the board at Adial Pharmaceuticals a company tackling unmet medical needs in preventing and treating addiction. More on that in a moment. Cary completed his bachelor’s from Rutgers and then an MBA with Villanova University before starting a career in finance with GE. In 2004, he was approached by an executive recruiter about a CFO position with a small Biotech company. He joined that organization and helped take them through a very successful IPO and never left the world of biotech and drug development. Yay for recruiters! Ok, you know I had to through that in since…I am a recruiter in the biotech/life sciences space (said quickly with a half mumble).

I really made the shift from big business to where you can make big differences and that was what sold me and brought me into life sciences. -Cary Claiborne Sr. Click To Tweet

Books Recommended by Cary:

As promised, a little more on Adial Pharmaceuticals pronounced “A Dial”, sorry for the mispronunciation at the beginning of the podcast.

2010 – Founded by Bankole A. Johnson, D.SC., M.D. (Current CMO) and William B. Stilley
2014 – USPTO grants 1st U.S. patent for AD04 for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in genetically targeted patients
2018 – IPO on US NASDAQ (Ticker:ADIL)
Current – Ongoing Phase 3 AD04 Alcohol Use Disorder

Mechanism of Action – Blockade of serotonin-3 receptors to potentially influence the dopamine reward system activated by alcohol, decreasing dopamine release and attenuating craving for alcohol.