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Increase your IQ and understanding of the Biotech industry by listening to interviews with key business leaders who have built successful companies and departments. We discuss everything from the science, clinical operations, clinical development, safety/PV and more! We address how each function plays an important role in the drug approval process. We also discuss the people that make up these departments. Get ready to hear about cutting edge development and the people who make it happen!
BTI 65 | Cancer Therapy
  Bryan Kobel decided to pursue a career in biotech after seeing its massive opportunities to change the world. He sits down with Ammon Rivera to share how he translated his background as an investment banker into his role as the CEO of TC BioPharm, a company that develops cancer therapy. He opens up about finding his purpose in this space that allows him to save lives and molds him into a compassionate leader. Bryan
I am always interested in knowing the journey of how a person ended up where they are. Successes, failures, and everything in between. What drives this curiosity in me is the desire to not just “hear” but “understand” a person to learn from them and seek to apply lessons in my own life. Ok, I’ll spare you my philosophizing on life…but as you listen to Cary share parts of his journey think of your own
BTI Naomi Cretcher | Company Culture
  Science will only get you so far in biotech. No matter how ingenious your products are, you will never succeed as a company if you don’t have all the pieces if business development in place. And there is no greater piece than the people piece. As the Chief People Officer of Biomea Fusion, Naomi Cretcher knows that company culture is what is going to make or break her company’s success. Despite everything that went
BTI 57 | Qualigen Therapeutics
  In this episode of BioTech IQ, Ammon Rivera continues his exploration of Qualigen Therapeutics by interviewing the founder and CEO of the company Michael Porier. Michael discusses how Qualigen was started and the motivation behind the therapeutics pipeline. There are incredible developments underway for the company, and the turn of the market is hopefully on its way as well. Listen in on their discussion about the growth of Qualigen and what investors can look
BTI 58 | Oncology Therapeutics Pipeline
  There isn’t a cure for cancer yet, but if everyone can come together, we may find that cure sooner rather than later. One biotech company that is trying to solve cancer is Qualigen Therapeutics. With their oncology therapeutics pipeline, they could be onto something with their leading asset QN-302. Join Ammon Rivera as he talks to the Chief Medical Officer of Qualigen Therapeutics, Tariq Arshad, MD, about where they are right now in their therapeutics pipeline.
  Qualigen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops novel therapeutic products to treat adult and pediatric patients with rare cancers. A leading name in the industry, they have decided to build a therapeutics pipeline within the last few years. In this first episode of a three-part series featuring top executives of Qualigen Therapeutics, Ammon interviews Amy Broidrick, the firm’s President and Chief Strategy Officer. She shares what she brings to the table in the
BTI 55 | Drug Development
  AI has gone so far as to potentially change drug development, and these developments have the potential to make a difference in people’s lives. On this episode of BioTech IQ, Ammon interviews Noam Solomon, the CEO of Immunai. Immunai is developing an AI platform that leverages big data, single cell multiomics, and machine learning to bridge the gap between casual immunology and translational disease biology. Their platform is mapping the human immune system at
BTI 53 | Social Anxiety Disorder
  Social anxiety disorder is the third most common mental health disorder. Over 23 million Americans alone are affected by it. This disorder can continue to grow into depression and drug abuse, so it’s very important to catch it early so it can be stopped. But how can it be stopped? Shawn Singh, the CEO and Director of VistaGen Therapeutics, and his team are creating a nasal spray to help people with social anxiety disorder.
BTI 52 | iPSC-Derived Natural Killer Cells
  Companies in the biotech space are making contributions to help find a cure for cancer. Today’s guest is no exception. In today’s episode, Ammon Rivera sits down with Daniel Teper, Co-Founder and CEO of Cytovia Therapeutics, to talk about the unique technology they’re using to develop a treatment for cancer. Daniel discusses how they’ve developed three types of iPSC-Derived Natural Killer Cells and are now targeting unmet needs in treating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). There is a
BTI 51 | Cell Cycle
  Cell cycle biology is key to understanding cancer. You have to hit the cancer cells early before they become smart and adapt. There is a stage in the cell cycle called mitosis. This is where, if done right, can cause cancer cells to suicide. This is where the biotech company, Cyclacel comes in with all their research into the cell cycle of cancer. Join Ammon Rivera as he talks to Spiro Rombotis about some
BTI 50 | Cell Based Therapy
  Have you ever thought about having replacement parts for your body? It sounds like science fiction, but it’s now as real as the eyes you’re using to read this, thanks to cell-based therapy. Brian Culley is one of the leaders in this field. He is the CEO of Lineage Cell Therapeutics, a company developing treatments for multiple indications based on their proprietary cell-based therapy platform. Leveraging in-house manufacturing, they are attacking multiple indications from
BTI 48 | Biotech Industry
  The biotech industry has been bombarded with disruptions in recent years, from a global pandemic to rising global tensions. How are they dealing with the supply chain issues and how else has it impacted the industry? In this episode, Ammon Rivera sits down with two-peat guest, Guillermo Morales, PhD, CEO of Innoventyx. Guillermo makes us privy to the issues brought on by COVID-19 and the geopolitical tensions such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He also
BTI 47 Robert | First Treatment For NASH
  On this episode of BioTech IQ, Ammon Rivera interviews Robert Foster Pharm D, PhD, CEO of Hepion Pharmaceuticals. Robert brings 30 years of experience to this discussion and shares with us details of his background that led him to where he is today. We also discuss Hepion Pharmacetuicals current clinical trials to development treatments targeting chronic liver diseases including NASH, cancer, and chronic hepatitis virus infection. A quarter of the people in the US have
BTI 45 | Translational Genomics
  Some of the main problems with sequencing in identifying mutations are its cost and the time it takes. Fortunately, with the rapid growth of technology, revolutionary products that simplify processes are being made. One of those is from DiaCarta, a diagnostics company using translational genomics and molecular precision technology to develop ways of detecting disease. In this episode of BioTech IQ, Ammon Rivera interviews its CEO, Adam Zhang. Their patented technology reduces the “background noise”
Hiring is one of the greatest challenges currently facing the biotech industry. Due to availability of investment dollars, supply chain issues, and our increasing desire for treatments to the diseases that ail the human race. Unprecedented growth is taking place and the “talent war” directly affects the success of clinical trials. The need for hiring coupled with a shortage of uniquely skilled business/scientific/medical professionals with the necessary experience developing drugs has never been more challenging.
BTI 44 | Anti TNFs
  TNF is a protein that contributes to inflammation. Anti-TNFs can be used to stabilize this and stop the inflammation. It’s used for diseases like arthritis and psoriasis. Discover how clinical trials are done so these medicines and anti-TNFs can be utilized. Join Ammon Rivera as he talks to M.D., Ph.D. and CEO of 180 Life Sciences, Jim Woody about anti-TNFs and the trial process behind them. Jim’s goal is to address one of the

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